The art of being grateful

Be grateful, Gratefulness

[This article is also available in German.]

You are learning a lot while you are travelling. You are discovering new cultures and will visit incredible places. You are meeting new people and some oft them have totally different ideas of how the world should be than you know from back home. You will get into situations that will bring you to your limits. You are constantly leaving your comfort zone.


But other cultures and countries are often glorified as well. So many people long for distant places. I'm not an exeption. But we are forgetting too often how lucky we are with our life.


Frequently we are just seeing negative sides: "My kids are never leaving me alone. I have to do annoying homework again. All those immogrants are taking everything away from us. I have to pay way too many taxes.


But istead of complaining about those things, be grateful for the things you have. Your kids are sometimes exausting? Be grateful that they want to spend time with you. Go outside with them for a walk. Ask them about their day. Read a book to them. The time will come when they don't want you around any more. And it will come faster than you think.


Doing homework is annoying? Be grateful that you have the possibility to go to school. A lot of people in the world, especially girls, would do a lot for just being able how to write and read.


You think that immigrants are taking everything away from you? Be grateful that you have been born in a country where there is no war and your family is safe. Be grateful that you don't have to  starve and where you have access to clean water. Share!


You think, taxes are too high? But consider for what they are used. You have access to a good infrastructure. Your edication is free. Be grateful, that you are living in a welfare state. That you will be taken care of if you will get seriously sick or will loose your job.


All this is shown quite plainly while travelling. Because while travelling you are - above all - learning to be grateful. For the things you have. For the possibilities that stand open for you. For the things that you don'T have to suffer - unlike a lot of other people in the world.


What am I grateful for?

  • I have a loving and supporting family
  • I have friends to whom I would entrust my life
  • I am in health
  • I never had to starve or to suffer from thirst
  • I was allowed to go to school and get a good education
  • I am living in a democracy and am allowed to vote for my government
  • I have never seen someone die
  • I was born in a country where there is peace since 70 years
  • I have free access to informations
  • My country is seeking and often living equality
  • The first article of our German constitution
  • I am allowed to belief in whatever I want to belief in
  • I am living in a relatively liberal society
  • I didn't have to get into debt for my education
  • I have a roof over my head
  • If something bad will happen to me, I won't be left alone with that
  • I have the opportunity to see the world

What are you grateful for today?